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48. Audio, Maintence, Maintence Reminders, and Standby

Audio, Maintence, Maintence Reminders, and Standby

Control panel showing Audio menu with selected Source settings


The Audio section in the settings menu of gives you the option to disconnect or un-pair your Bluetooth enabled device when using the The 2 settings menu gives you a source selector, a Bluetooth disconnect option, an On/Off switch and an audio control on fader, balance and subwoofer.

Control panel showing Maintenance menu with Reminders and stand by options


From the settings page you can access the Maintenance menu, which gives you the following options:

  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Standby

Use the Up and Down buttons to make a selection, and the Light button to confirm.

Control panel showing Reminders menu with selected Rinse filter option

Maintenance Reminders

The In.k500 keypad will remind you of maintenance required on your spa, like rinsing or cleaning the filter. Each task has its own duration, based on normal use. The maintenance reminders menu allows you to verify the time left before maintenance is required, as well as to reset the time once a task is completed. Use the Up and Down button to move through the list. To reset a task select it by pressing the Light button, then confirm when prompted. Once you have confirmed the task will be reset.

Control panel showing Maintenance menu with selected Standby option


The standby mode allows you to service your spa. Pumps will stop for 30 minutes, and automatically restart after this time. Once Standby Mode has been activated a screen will appear to show that pumps are stopped. The normal spa page will return at the end of Maintenance.

 Press Button 1 to leave standby mode and restart the spa.