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49. WiFi Settings

WiFi Settings

Control panel showing where to find Wifi Settings
Control panel showing Wifi Settings
Control panel showing Wifi Settings

WiFi (in.touch only)

For the WiFi menu to appear in the Settings menu your in.touch module must be equipped with software version 11.00 or higher. This menu allows you to connect your in.touch module to a WiFi network or to change ts network. 

For more details about other in.touch connection methods please see the in.touch techbook. To connect your in.touch module to a wireless network, use the Up/Down keys to go to the WiFi option in the Settings menu and Light key to select it. 

After a few seconds the available networks will appear on the screen, as well as their signal strength.

Use the Up/Down keys to move through the list. Select your network by pressing on Light key.

If the WiFi network is password protected enter it when prompted.

  • Use the arrow keys to choose your letters and change the type of character (uppercase, lowercase, number, symbol).
  • Use Key 2 to move the curser forward
  • Use Key 1 to backspace
  • Use Light key to confirm

If no password is required the in.touch will connect automatically. Once the in.touch module is connected to a WiFi network a check mark in a green circle will appear in the WiFi menu, and the network logo will change to green in Settings menu.


WiFi logo color in Settings menu corresponds to the in.touch connection state.

Yellow = not connected

Green = connected to a network

Yellow with wait icon = connection attempt to a network

Red with wait icon = in.touch no longer detected (in.touch must be reset before next connection attempt)