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The Onzen™ Salt Water system is Arctic Spas® proprietary salt water system that produces sanitizer from Dead Sea salts through the process of electrolysis. Salt-water sanitizer generation has several advantages over traditional sanitizer methods. Firstly, sanitizer is created, rather than added to the system and so there is very little on-going cost related to this system. The resulting spa water is much more gentle to skin and eyes, and has a similar salinity to a human tear.

Onzen™ has many unique features that have overcome previous challenges tied to salt water systems for spas. The first is that Onzen™ has a user-replaceable electrode cartridge. Electrolysis is a sacrificial process the electrodes will eventually deteriorate and require replacement.

The replacement of the Onzen™ titanium electrode cartridge is a simple and inexpensive maintenance item that does not require the tub to be drained. The second key feature of Onzen™ is the ability to control the system either from the topside control, or via the Arctic Spas® smartphone App. This user adjustment can be used to match the sanitizer output of the Onzen™ system to the current, or anticipated bather load.

The use of the Onzen™ Salt Water system can significantly reduce the effort required to maintain clear and safe spa water, but we do suggest adding Peak Ozone to maximize the benefit of the Onzen™ Salt Water system.

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