Comfort and Hydro-Massage

Sculpted Seating for Idyllic Relaxation

Multifaceted Comfort Design

Refined ease in every seat

As spa designs, technology, and features have evolved over the years, Arctic Spas® has kept one idea at the forefront of our minds. We have, and will continue to pursue our goal of providing uncomplicated, accessible, and luxurious comfort in every hot tub and All-Weather Pool. As a major step in realizing this goal, we have designed innovative seating and massage chairs that provide unparalleled relaxation to all of our customers.

Featuring ergonomic edges, and smooth, sculpted lines our shuttle seats perfectly wrap around you to provide idyllic comfort in every seat. Versatile features such as adjustable headrests and multilevel armrests allow for customized relaxation that caters to your every unique need. And, with our diverse jet layouts, you can discover a multitude of massage intensities that target specific tension-filled areas, or offer complete, full-body rejuvenation.

Each Arctic Spas® model features a different variety of seating depths, styles, and massages to ensure that everyone can experience their ideal luxury environment.